The Perfect Valentine’s Gift: For Him & Her

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As we near the annual day of love, maybe it’s time to start thinking about the perfect Valentine’s gift for your significant other (there’s only 1 week until the big day). Instead of reverting to the stereotypical chocolates, flowers or cologne, why don’t you get creative this year? And if you want some inspiration, we have some simple, but great Do-It-Yourself (DIY) ideas in stall for you!

For Her:

  1. Build her the vegetable garden she’s been begging you to do for months. Creating one is simple – all you need to do is create a rectangle frame with planks of wood and nails (easy to complete even with just a hammer). Once you’ve built your frame with the desired height, width and length, clear an area of your garden of grass, weeds and others plants. Place your frame where desired and fill with nutrient-rich soil (inexpensive staple from Bunnings). Then once you know what vegetables you want to plant (should consult the missus), you’re all set. Our hot tip: choose seeds that thrive in your climate and allocated growing space – for example, don’t expect to grow 6 pumpkins in a 2mx2m vegetable garden.

  1. Why not surprise your lady by organizing her wardrobe. Many wardrobes today are small and piled high with clothes, shoes and accessories. However, with the use of some simple storage ideas, you can turn that cramped space into an ordered, and structured dream wardrobe. Our hot tip: look at where the storage or clutter problem is and find a solution to utilise the existing space more efficiently, like adding shoe racks beneath hanging clothes or inserting draw organizers to organize clothes and accessories by colour, style etc. (whichever you think your girl would appreciate).

  1. Make some flowers boxes to put around her favourite places at home. You can find small pots and baskets at many hardware stores and craft shops very inexpensively, and flower seedlings are very cheap. Choose her favourite flower and with a bit of love and water, your flowers will be ready to brighten her day. Our hot tip: place them in areas that receive sunlight every day, like on the kitchen windowsill or the balcony of the bedroom.

For Him:

  1. Finally put up a wall frame for his flat-screen TV, so he can enjoy his sports in comfort. You can easily install a rotating wall-frame (so the TV can rotate almost 180 degrees to view the game from the dinner table), or check out our recent blog on how to install a ‘Floating Shelf’ – it’s simple, easy and effective. Our hot tip: research the size and weight of the television, before investigating different ways to attach it, and get someone to help you do the heavy lifting.

  1. Give his home office a fresh coat of paint, which will transform his workspace from drab and dull to crisp and fresh. Sometimes, all a room needs is a new colour to mix things up a bit – it might even increase his efficiency! Our hot tip: choose a neutral, but provocative colour that he enjoys. Remember that highly saturated colours stimulate the brain, and lowly-saturated hues soothe the brain. Think about how he uses his work space and choose accordingly.

  1. Organise his sporting equipment and other ‘toys’. Often these fun items of his get piled into the family garage, and add clutter and make it difficult to find when he’s running late for gold with the boss. Wall brackets and baskets are easy to install using a hand drill (and a bit of patience), and can make it a lot easier for him to find his cycling helmet, tennis racquet and ski boots when he’s in a rush. Our hot tip: plan out where you want to place the brackets and baskets BEFORE you start attaching to your wall. Consider his height and prioritise and organise depending on how often he uses each item.

* Please note, all these gifts can be gifts for him and her (together), because who wouldn’t want their wardrobe to be organized and to be woken up by flowers outside their window.

We hope your Valentine’s Days are filled with love and laughter. Don’t forget that it’s the thought that counts, and DIYing is a great way to show your love. Happy gifting!

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