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Updates from Netanya Resort, Noosa

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Just wanted to keep you all updated on the progress of our project at Netanya Resort, Noosa. 

The provodore/cafe is progressing very smoothly, with cabinetry, wooden wall panelling and glass roof entrance, being installed in the past few weeks.

Keep an eye out for the next progress report!

Shoutout to this building legend

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“A construction worker in the USA…has been playing a sweet game of Where’s Wally with the children at a nearby hospital.

Foreman Jason Haney, who is also an artist, built a life-sized cut-out of the red-and-white-striped cartoon character — known in the US as Waldo — and began hiding it around the construction site of the Memorial Children’s Hospital in the city of South Bend.

Children at the existing Memorial Hospital building next door have been working hard each day to find where Waldo is hiding.”


Good to see these legendary builders and construction workers, putting smiles on kids’ faces wherever they go. Take a look at the full article here: