1. Where do I start with my new home or renovation?

Please Note: The team at ESP Developments are more than happy to work with plans you already have.

2. Now that I have signed the contract, will the price change? 

No! There are no hidden or added costs, everything is included in your contract with a fixed price GUARANTEE!

3. How long will my project take?

This varies from project to project. Our team will be able to give you an estimate at the Design stage. We program every project and keep you informed via our revolutionary online communication tool. click here to see how. We will issue you with a job schedule stating a guaranteed completion date that allows you to plan your moving in date months in advance.

 4. Will I have to move out of my house?

ESP Developments always has the safety of our clients at heart and we understand the ‘inconvenience’ of a renovation. We will discuss this with you from the very beginning, as this will depend on the type of project. We will complete your project with a minimum of fuss to you and your family.

 5. How will I know what is happening with my project?

Our clients are kept up to date with all details of their project via our secure web-based communication tool. click here to see how. And of course, your friendly Builder will meet with you onsite to take you through your home/renovation as well as explain the building process without using industry jargon.

 6. What quality will my project have?

ESP Developments is a multi-award-winning builder, with a core team of specialist tradesmen who have been handpicked for their high skill level & pride in their work, ensuring all are committed to providing the highest quality finish and service.

Increase the value of your home by building with an award-winning builder.

7. How do I choose a builder?

There are a number questions to be considered, including:

  • Is the Builder registered?
  • Do they have a system in place to keep you informed?
  • How long have they been in business?

To find out more about how to choose the right builder click here.