The Hidden Costs of Homebuilding

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Like anything in life, all the little costs add up, especially when it comes to building a home. From additional flooring, to required sustainability and environmental testings, there are many things that can add to the cost of building (or even renovating) a home.


Some Hidden Costs (that are easy to forget):

  1. Driveways – often these materials aren’t classed as included in the home, so their cost is left out too.
  2. Flooring – like driveways, flooring is often not included in the initial quote of the house.
  3. Land Registration – often new land requires registering and may add an extra cost.
  4. Wheelie Bins – more often than not, new homes are required to purchase these from the local council (fun fact: these can cost up to $600).
  5. Road closure and interruption fees – if builders are required to close down roads to traffic or cause interruptions, your local government may charge additional fees.
  6. 1:00 Years Flood-proofing – if your home lies in a flood-prone area, it is required to be built to withstand a 1 in 100 year flood, which may involve additional expense related to flood-proofing.
  7. Soil and contour testing – this is done before any building company can give you a quote. But it is mandatory, and of course adds an extra cost.
  8. Landscaping – because it is classed as outside the house, it is often not included in the original quote of the house, and can add significant costs to the total bill.