Brisbane – a city of bridges OR tunnels?

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With population increasing at the same time as car traffic, we need to start thinking about long-term infrastructure plans…

In a city built along a winding river, then begs the question how do we fix the problem – with more underground tunnels or with above river bridges?

WHY NOT BOTH, folks.

Perhaps these two major pieces of infrastructure can work together to alleviate congestion and prepare for the future boom.


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Your Bathroom Makeover Dimensions

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“Bathrooms come in second to kitchens as places where considerable attention is given to layouts and finishes, and size shouldn’t limit the quality of their design. Learning a few key dimensions and common fixture sizes – and understanding that a compact space can work to your advantage – will inspire you to embrace these intimate spaces as opportunities to create unique and delightful rooms.”

To remove or to not remove a wall?

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Often, the first thing people think of to spruce up their home is to simply remove a wall…

But there are many things to consider when removing a wall, such as:

  • What structural bearing does this wall have?
  • Will I have to hire a structural engineer to certify the wall’s removal?
  • Is the wall ‘load bearing’? And if so, how much?
  • What will happen to the flooring and ceiling if I removed this wall?

Just a few questions to consider… and sometimes removing a wall is not always the best or cheapest renovation decision to make.


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