Top 10 Tips for Sustainable Housing

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Thinking about building new or renovating your current home, but not sure where to start with sustainability?

There are many things to consider when striving for sustainability, from architecture longevity to water efficiency and security. The QLD Government Department of Housing and Public Works has devised a list of the top 10 things to consider when seeking to construct or renovate your home to be more sustainable and efficient.


10 Considerations for Sustainability:


  1. Conserve water
  2. Heat and cool naturally
  3. Heat water efficiently
  4. Future proof
  5. Safe floors
  6. Address the street
  7. Casual surveillance
  8. Long-term maintenance
  9. Indoor air quality
  10. Outdoor living


Feeling intrigued, or interested to find out more? Learn more here:


Flashback Friday: ESP Developments featured in QLD Home Design & Living Magazine

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On this beautiful, sunny Friday, we thought it would be nice to flashback to our feature in Issue 7 of Queensland Home Design & Living Magazine.

The article, title ‘Refined Design: A Contemporary Classic’, features a recent renovation undertaken by ESP Developments that “required an extensive structural and aesthetic overhaul.”

“Originally constructed in the 1920s, the property’s weathered façade has been completely rejuvenated with an eye-catching combination of  pine chamfer board, Zincalume roofing and VJ sheeting. The front door and eaves have been painted bluein accordance with the exterior’s pre-existing colour palette. The timber-framed windows feature period-style awnings and have been used throughout the design to maintain the home’s classic look and highlight the exquisite finishes.”

So, if you’re looking to renovate or extend a classic Queenslander, or just looking to give your home a breath of new life, give ESP Developments a call, or check out our website


Home Renovation Noosa

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We have been very busy working on a renovation in a house at Noosa this past week, including pulling down some walls and creating some new space for the client, as well as renovating the kitchen. Here’s a look at some of the demolition photos.


19264096_1370314356349138_2034426804_o (1)19532605_1370314326349141_525959612_o19578611_1370314399682467_443066210_o19647992_1370314323015808_400165117_o19650239_1370314306349143_1485903596_o19686532_1370314339682473_1979034765_o19688403_1370314433015797_2117923854_o19688557_1370314369682470_1844086950_o19718610_1370314363015804_1878170356_o19718868_1370314403015800_331981677_o19718875_1370314379682469_1303558703_o


All Hands on Deck at Noosa Boathouse

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It has been all hands on deck the past few weeks at the Noosa Boathouse Restaurant kitchen upgrade.

As they say, many hands make light work and this was crucial in ensuring the quick turnaround of this project to get the restaurant up and running at full capacity as soon as possible.


Take a look at some progress photos:

19238612_1370315943015646_1480554611_o19250293_1370316596348914_1517020300_o19264001_1370314919682415_603295195_o19532519_1370315966348977_1729224750_o19578606_1370317519682155_422300591_o19686253_1370314879682419_465026686_o19686704_1370314909682416_1404027492_o19686718_1370314916349082_1992757320_o19688332_1370314863015754_1377174443_o19688381_1370314966349077_1811056564_o19688534_1370316549682252_1734492394_o19688544_1370317529682154_104124081_o19718475_1370316476348926_1338211758_o19718551_1370316479682259_1007033809_o19718818_1370316473015593_944534419_o19724064_1370317059682201_564518275_o19748029_1370317613015479_1899409071_o19748088_1370317019682205_1937016023_o19749598_1370316503015590_475972965_o19749648_1370316459682261_1609563635_o (1)19807348_1370314866349087_1046426998_o19807745_1370317666348807_1358878500_o19820901_1370317573015483_1492789188_o


Noosa Boathouse Kitchen Upgrade

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We have been very busy the last few weeks, with several jobs continuing up in Noosa, including the complete renovation of the Boathouse Restaurant’s main kitchen.

Take a look at some of the progress pictures. First step – a complete gutting and removal of the entire kitchen.



Netanya Resort Updates

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We are thrilled to be back up in beautiful, sunny Noosa this week doing some more work at the Netanya Resort on bustling Hastings Street.


We are in the process of updating several apartments within the resort complex, here’s a look at one apartments progress.


Before photos:



Progress photos: